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                                                  Leather Sandal Logo The Piper Sandal CoBlack Handmade Leather unisex Sandal Slipon style                                                                                                 

The Slip On Style     If you like your flip flops, You will love your      

Slip Ons...



Robin in Brown Slip Ons

White Sands N.M.


handcrafted leather sandals made in the U.S.A


Robin in

Brown Slip Ons


handmade leather Slipon Made in America


Handmade Leather Sandals Made in America price $109

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                                                                        Brown Leather Sandal Slipon Stlye

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 Piper Sandal  Co. Brown Leather  Slip On


Handmade leather sandal black Slipon style


Black  Slip On



The Slip On

    is for more casual sandal wearing. Our customers tell us they wear them

everyday, everywhere.

 People love their Slip-ons.

This backless sandal is answer to those who have said " I want a style I can just Slip on." Without the heel strap, this leather sandal style is our easiest off and on sandal. Get the fully adjustable sandal strap set and you will

 be in and out hands free.

The handcrafted leather Slip On sandal style features a *3/8" one piece fully adjustable leather sandal strap, arch support, a foam inner sole made to take your footprint and a 1/2" black Italian rubber sole. 

Like a flip-flop without the flipping' and flopping'.



 man in brown leather backless sandal

 Dave In Brown Slip Ons


  woman in brown leather backless sandal

          Robin in Brown Slip-On


  Available in many fine colors












*also 1/2'' wide strap available on Large Sizes

            10,11,12,13,14 Only

To Order The Wider Strap,

 Please, make note  In  The Comments Section Of The Secure Online Order Form.

Brown Leather Slipon Sandal Wide Strap

Same Function, Just Different Look.





Black Handmade Leather Sandal Slipon style                             

Slipon leather sandal White Sands NM