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The Piper Sandal Story

    Since 1971, I have been making Handmade  leather sandals. It began in Cocoa, Florida but, settled in Texas thirty-eight years ago.

San Antonio is  home now and where we hand

craft all of our leather sandals.

Being self taught , I have passed the craft on to

my son Jon, as he grew up he began to help me

in the shop and we have worked together ever since.

The Piper Sandal Co. is a Family Business. 

We make them and sell them all ourselves.

 Jon, I and with help from a few friends, family and loved ones who have been apart of the

Piper sandal crew have made and sold a little over 55,000 pairs of  Piper sandals through these Forty-Three years.

On December 9, 2004 Penelope Raye Piper was Born, the 3rd generation of sandal maker.


All Piper Sandals are Made In America, at

7402 Pipers Bluff  San Antonio, Texas to be  exact.

Jon & Penelope live next door and each day

we gather in the shop to do our work. We

make two sandal styles: "The Original" and "The Slip on".

Our Hand made leather sandals feature a one piece fully adjustable strap which gives every foot a perfect fit.



The bottom sole is a black crepe rubber that

we resole for less than half the price of a new pair.

Inside the sandal we place an orthopedic foam and an arch support. This foam is designed to compact and form your own footprint in less

than ten days of wear.

Piper Sandals are available in unisex sandals sizes  1-14 ready to wear. Our sizes correspond best to mens numbers. Women usually take a size and a half smaller than in women's numbers.(Piper Sandal Size Chart)

Custom size Sandals are also available from

foot tracings for just an additional $20.00.

We can also accommodate sandal lifts, arch

 lifts and special needs sandals.

We Resole Our Sandals for a small fee,

Less than half the price of  a new pair.

The tools we use are from the industrial revolution era of America.  They are slow

and correct and do not fit the modern

demand for fast and almost right.  Using a

few old machines, a couple of new ones and

many old hand tools, our products are made

the old world way...One at a time. 

 Throughout the year we travel to sell at

major art shows across America.  We sell through the mail, over the phone and on the world wide web.


I have always believed there is room in the market place for a product made of the

highest quality materials, where style and

function are accomplished. That can be

 Made In America and sold at a

reasonable price.

We find the three thousand year history of

the sandal and the overwelming support of

our customers gives us reason to believe we

have a product that will stand the test of time. We make all of our sandals ourselves without having to take advantage of cheap world labor.  Made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality American tanned cowhide leather

Piper Sandals are guaranteed to fit, feel good and last a long time.  They are numbered and in limited edition.  When we die, there won't be anymore.


Walk Well,

Dave Piper

& Family