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       Slip On Style                                                            Original Style 
                               Two Styles, Too Comfortable ...                                       
Please Scroll Down To See Our Two Different Styles In All Our Colors



Brown Original Style

  $ 139.00


1st Brown Pair Size

2nd Brown Pair SIZE

3rd Brown Pair SIZE 


Black Original Style

$ 139.00


1st Black Pair Size


2nd Black Pair SIZE

3rd Black Pair SIZE


Tan Original Style



1st Tan Pair Size


2nd  Tan Pair SIZE

3rd  Tan Pair SIZE


Red Original Style



1st Red Pair Size

2nd  Red Pair SIZE

3rd  Red Pair SIZE


Blue Original Style



1st Blue Pair Size

2nd Blue Pair SIZE

3rd Blue Pair SIZE


Green Original Style



1st Green Pair Size

2nd Green Pair SIZE

3rd Green Pair SIZE


Purple Original Style



1st Purple Pair Size


2nd Purple Pair SIZE

3rd Purple Pair SIZE  




The Slip On   Style





Brown Slip On Style



1st Brown SO Pair Size


2nd Brown SO pr Size

  3rd Brown SO pr Size


Black Slip On Style



1st Black SO Pair Size


2nd  Black SO pr SIZE

3rd  Black SO pr SIZE


Tan Slip On Style



1st Tan SO Pair Size


2nd  Tan SO pr SIZE

3rd  Tan SO pr SIZE



Red Slip On Style



1st Red SO Pair Size


2nd  Red SO Pr SIZE

3rd  Red SO Pr SIZE


Blue Slip On Style



1st Blue SO Pair Size


2nd  Blue SO Pair SIZE

3rd  Blue SO Pair SIZE


Green Slip On Style



1st Green SO Pair Size


2nd  Green SO Pair Size

3rd Green SO Pair Size



Purple Slip On Style



1st Purple SO Pair Size

2nd  Purple SO Pair Size

 3rd Purple SO Pair Size



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All Sandals shipped  U.S. Postal Priority Mail / International Priority Mail


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