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Black Sandal  leather hippie style

Brown Handmade leather sandal Original style

                                        Black handmade leather sandal slipon style
Brown Handmade leather sandal Original style, adjustable leather sandal
                       Our Sandals Are Guaranteed To Fit, Feel Good And last A Long Time.  All Of Our Sandals Are Made By Us, The Piper Family In Our Shop In San Antonio Texas. Numbered And In Limited Edition... When We Die There  Will  Be No More.          
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Piper Sandal Co. Black & Tan Slip On Port Aransas Tx '08



Made In The U.S.A









Leather sandal with footprint formed









 The Piper Sandal Story

We have made our Handmade leather sandals

Since 1971

            .            ... A little over 56,000 pairs so far....

We use only top quality cowhide leather from

an American tannery.

 Our handcrafted leather sandals are constructed 

with a great arch support, an orthopedic inner sole

designed to take your footprint in a week of wear

and a durable, lightweight Vibram rubber sole.

Piper sandals feature a one piece fully adjustable

sandal strap which allows for

a perfect fit on any foot.

All of our sandals are hand made by us

at our shop in San Antonio, Texas.









                                                                                                                                                                                        Handcrafted leather sandal with arch support, Piper leather sandals have good arch support

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Handmade Leather Sandal Made in America price $139

 Leather Sandal Piper Sandal in central park






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        Piper Sandals designs are copyrighted 2010 Piper Sandal Company


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                                                                                                                                                   Adjustable leather sandal, good for walking or riding anywhere


Custom Sizes, Lifts and Wedges Available




 See Your Sandal makers

San Antonio, TX.

Any Questions  Please Call 1-800-441-2259

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